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SUFFOCATION - As Grace Descends Lyrics

21 Dec

SUFFOCATION – As Grace Descends Lyrics

Man fell from his grace,
And strayed from the path
His anger now intolerable, insidious
Behold the pale white horse
Hooded messenger of death is no set forth
His dismal gaze cripples souls
Renounce the seven deadly sins

The air unfit to breathe
The water poisoned by a blessing
Darkened skies witness the final sunset
Red rain showering from the heavens

As grace descends
Barren lands diseased
Complete collaṗse of conditions
Burning, searing, putrid air
Inhale the toxic atmosphere
Asphyxiate, drown in blood
Boils the flesh and eat through tissue
Torrid winds, oceans freeze
Torrential acid rain
The ground quakes separates
Denying life, as grace descends
Volcanic debris consumes those left alive
Denying life, the extinction
Witness as grace descends

[Lyrics to As Grace Descends by SUFFOCATION]

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