We're Hiring Lyrics Moderators!


Heyia! If you’re on this page it means you are, first of all, a real music fan.
Well, so are we! ¬†We’re already considering you part of our music family.

Now, if you want to contribute, and you have a good music ear (you can actually understand the lyrics of most of the songs) we need you even more!

Would you like to moderate the lyrics we add to this website? If so, we can pay you, for the words you actually get right (pay per word), not for trying tho.

You can moderate (correct lyrics – listen to the song and see if there are any mistakes) any song you want, you do not have to accept all of the songs.

You can, for example, accept songs just from one music genre, or whatever song you want.

Writing down full lyrics of new songs also available.

You will have your account and you will be able to grow your level of lyrics mastering.With each level you’ll get more money.

Drop us a note about why you are good as a lyrics moderator at jobs[at]lyricspremiere.net and we will gladly answer.

With love,
LyricsPremiere team


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